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I'm thrilled to have two of the best IT people onthe IC team.

I have had the pleasure of working with Danny for the last seven years. We are a demanding company in the world of computer technology, from servers, laptops, manufacturing equipment, smart phones and remote users. When our company moved forward with modern technology by making our service technicians mobile with laptops and printers, Danny assisted in the implementation to make sure that the procedure worked from start to finish. I can't hold a candle to his knowledge but I'm able to follow his instructions at times saving him an onsite visit and not having to wait for him to be available since his job is very demanding.

Finding an IT person with his knowledge is extremely difficult and I admit when he added Jared I was skeptical. Surely he can't help like Danny has? Jared proved me wrong and I'm thrilled to have two of the best IT people on the IC team. I will continue the working relationship with them both and recommend them to anyone looking for their services.

Tracey Buck
Controller, IC Refrigeration Service, Inc.

I have learned how much more cost effective it is to hire Jared.

Recently I hired Jared Krick to solve a frustrating network issue which had been an on-again, off-again nightmare for nearly three months. My office primarily relies on a wireless network to link our server, PCs, printers, and laptop devices and as hard as I tried I could not find anyone who could provide a solution for the frequent connectivity problems we were experiencing with our network; that is until I hired Jared. Jared was not the first “expert” I spoke with but he was the first real expert I spoke with who actually had a solution to our problem. Others had told me the problem was with my routers so I purchased two new routers and found temporary results which were simply a coincidence. The problem with my network was an intermittent one so any solution could appear to work for a while. However, Jared identified the problem immediately by simply reviewing the environment I was working in and found a solution which was inexpensive (requiring no additional hardware), quick, and permanent. Prior to Jared’s fix, I could not go more than 2 days without at least a thirty minute disruption to my network and now I have had nearly 60 days of trouble free bliss. Our business is heavily dependent upon internet based research, our systems are linked in real time, and our candidate tracking software is web based. We can not afford disruptions to our network. It is no exaggeration to state that Jared was not an expense to my business and I consider him to be a profitable boost to my bottom line by improving mine and my company’s productivity. The next time I have any type of IT issue I am going to call Jared and not waste anytime with anyone else and I will not try to solve IT or network issues on my own as I have learned how much more cost effective it is to hire Jared.

Guy Chaffin
President and Founder

Thank you so much for the time

Thank you so much for the time you spent bringing order to the EFCA West office yesterday.  I can't wait for the opportunity to recommend your services to others.  You went above and beyond by contacting AT&T on our behalf and I wanted to express my gratitude in writing.  It's wonderful to be able to work efficiently - or at least appear to do so!
On behalf of our entire staff, we pray God's blessing on you, your family, and Layer 3 Integration.  I'm looking forward to paying the bill!

Rita Nystrom
EFCA West, Admin Services

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